The Golfers Journal No 9.

The Golfers Journal No 9.

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“King was impish and thoughtful, erudite and profane, competitive and compassionate. He was just a very complex, very fun man. And I miss him terribly.”

Yardage Book: KING - The only thing bigger than this Sweetens Cove green is the legend behind it.

“Ironically, these years where nothing could go ‘straight and narrow’ helped me focus so that now, with a master golfer’s attention, I can drive my camera right down the center of the fairway.”

Tip of the Cap - Famed photographer Rodney Smith’s whimsical take on golf.

“If our team was a body, it needed a heart. And he had enough for everybody.”

A Kite in a Hurricane - Griffin Clark: National champion, match-play lion, tragic hero.

“I read all the Collins poetry I could find, because he had not only saved English 101 for me, but he had also saved me as a golfing professor.”

The Bard’s Butter Cut - A meeting and a match with Billy Collins, America’s rock-star poet.

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