The Golfers Journal No 10.

The Golfers Journal No 10.

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He shrugged his shoulders as if it was so obvious that everyone should see it: “Why not always play like that?

The Match Club - Peeling back the layers of Ohoopee, where par is never invited.

“It was designed exclusively for restricted areas. Their entire game was out of bounds.” 

High on the Crime - Welcome to Turbogolf

“The surfaces on which these children putt and stomp and shout are no ordinary greens; they are perhaps golf’s most extraordinary.”

The Playground Drawings - Donald Ross’ long-lost greens became a gift for Nashville’s youngest players.

“Was the course really so hard? Can a nine-hole golf course with seven holes under 130 yards truly be so tough?”

Challenge Day - Redefining golf masochism at the Bad Little Nine.

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