The Golfers Journal No 11.

The Golfers Journal No 11.

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“If 17 Mile Drive hadn’t been there already, Alfred Hitchcock would have built it and stuck a blonde in a convertible on it.”

A Felicitous Farewell - A Pebble Beach stalwart bids his favorite course adieu.

“After we left, I wondered why the Mad Dog’s son urged me to go to this deserted place. It occurred to me that maybe the course wasn’t forgotten.”

A Universal Oasis - Follow the Flying Sword to Libya’s golf sanctuary.

“This was to be the perfect location to build a southern rival to St. Andrews.”

Yardage Book: The Talisman - A glimpse at Royal St. George’s most famous blind spot.

“There’s a million different ways to tell a story. And I don’t think that people ever gave golf photography that type of flexibility before.”

Outlier - Straight-edge, punk rock and hickory: Christian Hafer plays from the fringe.

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